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Quality is Always the Result of Intelligent Effort

Approved is proud to take an active role in qualifying and validating our components and finished goods before programming begins on our optics. To guarantee 100% compatibility and compliance, our transceivers are coded to meet the specific requirements of the switch, server, or router in which they will be installed. Our engineers then test the optic in the system with the most commonly used applications and operating systems. Since transceiver performance varies slightly between contract manufacturers, our quality standards call for in-system qualification of every new solution. This results in thousands of hours of full network emulation.

Since our founding in 2002, Approved has been known for the highest quality optical products available, which has aided our tremendous growth in presence within the data center. We recognize the important role that optics and connectivity products play in the networking landscape and take the necessary steps to guarantee a reliable product.

Approved's quality system provides our clients with:

Superior QualityApproved qualifies components and tests all transceivers at all stages of the process.

ReliabilityApproved return rate is the lowest in the industry: 
Return rate on modules shipped is 0.010%. (1 in 9890). 
Failure rate on modules deployed in the field is .0029% (1 in 33,600). These low rates are due to Tier 1 CMs, programming & in-house testing. This means that most failures/defects found in process.

ComplianceApproved programs and tests our products for guaranteed compatibility and backs this process up with a lifetime warranty.

ExpedienceApproved keeps a complete line of tested optical solutions at competitive prices for thousands of networking switches, routers and servers, in stock and ready to ship.

StabilityApproved has grown into the largest independent third party optics providers in the industry. We have been an established, quality solution for over a decade.

Industry LeaderApproved takes pride in its active role within our industry and its organizations, participating as a voice of authority and education at all levels of the networking technology market.

ExpertiseApproved's experienced technical engineering staff has contributed to the development of both first-to-market products (as the industry's first third party 40G IR4 MPO), as well as customized solutions to help clients build the highest-performing networks in the world.