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Tested. Trusted. Approved.

Approved Networks is the industry authority on enterprise class, third-party networking products for the smart data center. Our technical expertise has allowed us to consistently deliver first-to-market compatibility solutions in the most rigorous optical networking environments for over a decade. Approved provides technical, logistical, and sales support to over 3,000 clients in 30 countries from our headquarters in Los Angeles.

Approved’s core competencies include: transceivers, direct attach cables, fiber cabling, and cable management equipment. Because we partner with the largest global contract manufacturers, we’re able to provide customers with high quality, cost-effective solutions in direct contrast to the budget prohibitive prices commonly associated with OEM networking products.

In addition to our extensive product line, our customer service has earned us unmatched trust within the industry. We help clients navigate the complexities of their hardware systems to guarantee compliance throughout their network. Our success is proven by the loyalty and support of some of the largest telecommunications, corporations, and government agencies in the world.

We are Approved.

The networking industry continues to move toward a more complex standard in optical architecture. This change brings increasingly stringent testing standards and equipment. To ensure compatibility our products are programmed and tested by industry leading experts.

Approved invests heavily in technology which allows us to use cutting-edge test equipment on each module we provide. In our Environmental Test Lab, every transceiver is run through an extensive series of platform diagnostic tests. Additionally, all Approved Networks products endure a rigid physical network emulation test. This state-of-the-art procedure provides comprehensive benchmark measurements and performance analysis in real world and customer specific application flows. Approved products only go to market after compatibility and performance have been absolutely proven.

Through our Environmental Test Lab and the continued enhancements of our testing procedures, Approved has set the standard for networking compatibility and reliability. This level of commitment ensures our products and services are of the highest quality.

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Approved offers our clients partners with a complete line of networking hardware products that are unsurpassed in quality and unmatched service and support. Click on the video to the right to learn more.