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Available Careers at Approved

Approved Networks is the premier third-party networking hardware company that specializes in optical transceivers and fiber optic cabling. For over a decade our technical expertise and advanced programming capabilities have allowed us to consistently deliver first-to-market compatibility solutions for the most rigorous optical networking environments. We have successfully fostered a company-wide environment of dedication, camaraderie, and professional progress. We were able to do this by granting our employees the freedom to learn and attack problems in their own way, while at the same time understanding the importance of individual accountability. This attitude allows our sales, operations, engineering, and marketing teams to grow in whatever way they think is suited to benefit the well-being of the company; and with these tenants in mind we have become a global provider offering technical, logistical, and sales support to over 3,000 clients in 30 countries.

If you believe that you would fit in with our fast paced, professionally driven workplace, please inquire about a career in our Programming, Sales, Warehouse Supply, Operations, and Lab departments. If you believe that you would be an asset to our company, but do not think you fit into one of the roles listed above, feel free to send us an application and describe the role in which you envision yourself within our team. Join us and be a leader in the fastest growing segment of technology hardware!

For job enquiries, please Email Us