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Securing the Lowest Overall Cost and Quality Advantage

Like the other major switch manufacturers, Approved does not produce our own optical transceivers. Instead, we have chosen to partner with a global network of tier one contract manufacturers (the same CMs that build for the major OEMs). These expert companies feature scalable, high-volume production facilities on four continents with sales and logistics offices around the world. We select and audit our contract manufacturers based on form factor production, which guarantees a continued supply and strict adherence to MSA specifications.

Independent onsite validation and auditing at the Contract Manufacturing Facility include:
Raw Materials:
  • Connector
  • Latching Mechanism
  • PCB
  • Leads
Finished Transceivers:
  • Optical Waveform/Mask Test Scope/DCA
  • BER Analysis
  • Mask Analysis/Opt Power/ER Analysis - TX signal
  • Sensitivity Analysis – RX (signal?)
  • E/O, Attenuation and Power (Single and Multi-channel)
  • Wavelength and Spectral Analysis
  • Optical Spectrum Test

After verifying product qualification, our team of supply chain engineers works to keep product flow in line with customer volume needs.

*Approved strives to maintain the highest standards in ethical conduct in all areas of switch production. We believe that it is our responsibility to work only with suppliers whose practices are in line with our environmental and social responsibilities.