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Cable Management

Increase Functionality While Saving on Space and Budget.

Approved cable management systems are designed to provide efficient functional organization of fiber optic hardware in data centers, premise installations, and telecommunication networks. They make termination and management of fiber optic connectivity cost-effective, simple, and intuitive.


Rack Mount Sliding Panels

Available in 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U options which accept 3, 6, 9 and 12 individual cassettes and/or adapter plates. Capable of multiple connectivity configurations consisting of pre-terminated assemblies, field termination and pigtail splicing. Ability to mix fiber and copper connectivity within the same patch panel. Shipped complete with strain relief brackets, routing clips, guides and mounting brackets and includes a side patch cord exit, hinged front door and a sliding tray for ease of installation.

Benefits: Lighter, thinner, higher speed with greater bandwidth than copper. Fire/gas resistant. Low insertion loss and attenuation. Excellent environmental adaptability.

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1U 19" Rack Mount Sliding Patch Panel
2U 19" Rack Mount Sliding Patch Panel
3U 19" Rack Mount Sliding Patch Panel
4U 19" Rack Mount Sliding Patch Panel


MTP Cassettes

Approved pre-terminated cassettes are specially designed to reduce installation time and cost for your fiber distribution infrastructure. Their compact modular design fits into rack mounted sliding panels and enables up to 24 fiber breakout via trunk connected cables.

Connector Options: Available in 8, 12 and 24 fiber configurations for MTRJ, SC, LC connections.

LC Cassettes:

SC Cassettes:


Adapter Plates

Approved adapter plates’ 20-plus configurations provide a one-size-fits-all approach to cable management. They are available with factory installed or field-installable connectors, which provide an efficient way to securely mate connectors at main cross-connects, intermediate cross-connects, and data and telecommunication rooms.

Connector Options: MTP/MPO, SC Multi-mode Simplex, SC single-mode Simplex, SC-APC single-mode Simplex, SC multi-mode Duplex, SC single-mode Duplex, SC-APC single-mode Duplex, ST multi-mode, ST single-mode, LC multi-mode Simplex, LC single-mode Duplex, LC-APC Duplex, LC QUAD multi-mode, LC QUAD single-mode, MTRJ, E2000 single-mode, E2000-APC single-mode & blank plates.

LC Adapters:

SC Adapters:

MTP Adapters: