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Approved 3CXENPAK92 - 10GBase-LRM SC, 220 meters, 1310 nm XENPAK transceiver. 100% 3Com compatible.

Form Factor: XENPAK

Port Interface: 1 X 10GBase SC

Interface Details: 10GBase-LRM

Data Rate: 10.312 Gbps

Wavelength: 1310 nm

Distance: 220 meters (721 feet)

Temperature Range: Commercial 0°C to 70°C

Digital Diagnostics (DDM): No

Connection: Multi-mode Fiber (MMF)

Hot Swappable: Yes

Dimensions: 0.69" x 1.38" x 4.81"

Data Sheet: 3CXENPAK92-A

Compatibility: 3Com Switch 7700 1-Port 10GBASE-X Module (3C16875), 3Com Switch 8800 1-Port 10GBASE-X Module (3C17511), 3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3870 1-Port 10GBASE-X Module (3C17461), 3Com Switch 7750/7700 1-port 10GBASE-X Module (3C16875A), 3Com Switch 8800 1-Port 10GBASE-X Advanced Module (3C17525), 3Com Switch 5500G-EI 1-Port 10G Module (3C17261), 3Com Switch 4200G 48-Port (3CR17662-91), 3Com Switch 4200G 24-Port (3CR17661-91), 3Com Switch 4200G 12-Port (3CR17660-91), 3Com Switch 4200G PWR 24-Port (3CR17671-91)

Quality Guarantee

The Approved Networks 3Com Transceiver line is guaranteed 100% Compatible and Functional in its intended router or switch and is 100% MSA compliant. The 3CXENPAK92-A transceiver comes with an Industry leading Lifetime Warranty, surpassing the 3Com warranty for the same product. Every 3CXENPAK92-A is environmentally tested in its specific port/platform, which includes compliance verification for distance, wavelength, traffic density and light.

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